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It’s time to paint your persona with The Vault. With a shade from every color family, you’ll be able to switch up your mani with ease - all you have to do is choose your shade!

Includes 18 shades of Pure Cover Nail Paint: 

Row 1:

  • Clementine (intense orange-red)
  • Star (bright yellow with hints of orange)
  • Moon (light tan with pink undertones)
  • Rose Quartz (sheer, soft pink)
  • Sage (white-based green with grey undertones)
  • Pas de Deux (deep berry red)

Row 2:

  • Sky (bright, periwinkle blue)
  • Super Bloom (muted apricot)
  • Dune (chocolate milk nude)
  • Snow (sheer warm, milky white)
  • Wildflower (vibrant red with a hint of pink)
  • Seat 103 (emerald green)

Row 3:

  • Onyx (jet black)
  • Lobby Boy (royal purple)
  • Twilight (slate blue with hints of violet)
  • Piñata (bright lilac)
  • Desert Rose (bright pink with violet undertones)
  • Telegram (muted mustard yellow)

Crafted to elevate your ideas and inspire you with a carefully curated range of unexpected, modern colors, Pure Cover Nail Paint is an innovative formula that brings you professional quality nail polish with the ease of an at-home mani. Create distinctive color combinations and design precise nail art details with our vegan collection of crème colors that dry in a flash and last weeklong. With a flat, wide brush that makes application a breeze, your friends will be asking, “OMG, who did your nails?”

  • Luxury formula
  • Precise application with flat, wide, and curved brush that hugs the natural shape of your nail
  • Total control with a cropped wand
  • Quick drying
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • 14-free (we call it The Nope List)

15 mL / 0.51 oz. each.
Made in the USA.



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