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Spring Nail Trends 2023

The best part about the seasons changing means that new beauty ideas come to play! We’re always excited to hop on new nail trends and play with cool shades, so we’ve done a little digging to get some ideas on what to expect in the nail world this season. That way, you can get your polishes and tools ready early so you can be ✨ that girl with the trendiest nails this year! 

First up…

Comic Book Nails

This mani looks like it has a 3D effect created by the bordered black lines around the perimeter of the nail with pops of white embellishment as the “shine” of the nail.This creates some dimension to mimic the animated drawings of a comic book. Though they’ve been seen with bold and bright colors, we think that this trend will be created with softer colors of Spring, like Rom-Com and Garden or neutral colors, like Fresh Tracks and Moon.

Clean Aesthetic Nails

Remember the “Clean Girl Aesthetic” that went viral on TikTok? Brushed up brows and hairstyles?  Clear, radiant, and hydrated skin? Barely there makeup with a healthy flush to the cheeks? Think that… but transfer it all to your nails. Well groomed, short and minimal nails with a “barely there” Rose Quartz polish that makes your nails look super healthy.

Glazed Metallic Nails

Miss Hailey Bieber really changed the game with these in 2022 and we think it will be here to stay. It’s simply a pearly iridescent mani, almost making your nails have a metallic glow. Essentially, it's just a “chrome-like” powder applied to your nails but we made it simple and created a metallic set of polishes so you can get the look using a shade as a topper! Our favorite shade for this look is Moonstone!

Thin French Tip 

The Thin French Tip looks so fun on everybody since it works on every nail shape. For those rocking shorter nails this season ultra-thin lines make a classic French manicure look stunner on short cut nails (we gotchu gardening girlies). And what’s fun is that you can use all the colors you want to create them!

Cherry Red Nails

Red polish is always a classic and we learned that it also has some benefits (The #RedNailTheory, IYKYK), but rocking red nails always comes back in trend when the weather starts getting warmer. It’s a go-to pop of color for confidence, warmth, and brightness! Our favorite reds in our collection are #1 Baby or Lady.

Diamond Daisy Nails

Daisy Nails are always in style when spring comes around because they're so easy to create with our dotting tools! When it comes to colors, you can make them super bold with bright pinks and blues, but we think pastels, muted, and softer shades will be the go-to colors for flower petals this season! We've seen a lot of nail-fluencers using diamond studs in their manis this year, so feel free to dazzle them up with your favorite decals if you want a glitzy touch to your look!

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