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Easy Halloween Nails You Can Re-Create At Home!

Halloween is at the end of the month and we already know that you’re on the look out for the perfect mani to wear! We’re dropping four super easy Halloween manicure that you can do right at home with a few nail polishes and tools.

We’ve got a YouTube Tutorial here with all four looks, but if you want to see them individually — here they are:

Easy Mummy Nails

All you need for this Halloween manicure is Onyx, Snow Cone, our It’s A Mood Stickers, and our Base + Top Coat!

Just paint your nails black, add on the eye stickers to any nails and uses sticky white polish to drag lines across your nails (p.s. to make the nail polish sticky, just put droplets on a piece of tin foil and let it try a bit!)

You can watch how we do it here:

Easy Mini Bat Nails

For all the nail girlies that want to be mysterious this Halloween, these Bat Nails are easy to create and look so classy!

Paint your nails all black with Onyx, top with our Matte Cover Top Coat and use our Gel Shine Top Coat to create little squiggles as bats on your nails. That’s it! It’s so easy to create and they look so professional. 

Easy Little Ghost Nails

This manicure may look a little hard but it’s so easy to do! You can even create this on the nails of little ones and they’ll love this cute ghost manicure.

Simply start off with your nails painted in our Pure Stick Base Coat, then paint on little white blobs with Snow Cone to the ends of your nails and use a dotting tool to create little arms. Use the shade Onyx to create 2 dots as eyes and 1 as a mouth below and seal your mani with our Gel Shine Top Coat. That’s it, you’ve got the cutest little ghost sitting on your fingertips!

Take a look at how we did it here:

Easy Trick-Or-Treat Nail Tips

We get it, sometimes you don’t want all the spooky nail art — you just want to be subtle for Halloween! This is an easy look that just involves YOUR favourite Halloween/Fall shades. We used Wildflower, beachy sunset, Chartreuse, Ring Toss, and Succulent.

Just take the shade you want, apply a 1-2 lines of polish on your opposite finger and press into the nail that you want to paint. You’ll be left with a micro-french manicure look that’s perfectly done. Just top with your Gel Shine Top Coat and you’re set!

This one is much easy to understand when you watch it, so check it out here:

Those are your four easy Halloween nail looks that you can rock this season! You can browse some of the Halloween Sets below and pick what you want to re-create these manicures with.  

Feel free to make them your own and add your little twist. Reminder that we have tutorials here for you to follow along. We can't wait to see all the spooky nails that you all create for Halloween.