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4 Easy Fall Nail Looks

The Autumn season is finally here and we're getting into the groove of wearing Fall nail art. If you're someone that wants to rock nail designs but doesn't know where to start, we've got a quick step-by-step on how to acheive these four easy fall nail looks.

No need to book that nail appointment, you can do this nail art right at home with our shades, a thin brush, plastic wrap, and dotting tools (or toothpicks/bobby pins). Before we start, make sure to use your Pure Shape Nail File to file down your nails to your desired length and shape, then apply our Pure Stick Base Coat. All of these designs are done on short nails but would look amazing in longer nails too!

Let's begin, besties!

The Checkers Nail Look

This nail art may look complicated but it's so easy to create and it give MAJOR ✨fall vibes✨

To get this checkered look, paint all of your nails with Lychee. Then, use a small brush (with your chosen checkers shade) to paint either 1 or 2 lines down and across your nail. This should create a cross/tic-tac-toe shape across your nails. Feel free to mix and match like we did.

Then, fill in every other space with your chosen shade (we rotated with Onyx, Date, and Dune) and seal your mani with our Gel Shine Top Coat!


The Lines Look

This nail look is super easy but can make simple & clean nails elevated. Feel free to use any shade you want but we love using black or white to keep it classy! ✍🏼

For this nail art, use Prism to add a bit of sparkle (optional), then use a thin brush with Onyx to paint a narrow line down the center of each of your nails.

Once you're done, seal your mani with our Gel Shine Top Coat!

The Smoosh Nail Look

You can't create art without a mess. So, this nail look is going to require some clean up but the end result is going to be worth it! 🎨

To create this marbled smoosh mani, just drop on little blobs of Pas de Deux, Chartreuse, and Brick onto your nails. Then, use a piece of plastic wrap and smoosh around on the blobs to create a marbled look.

Use a q-tip or cotton swab to clean the excess nail polish from around your nails and seal your mani with our Gel Shine Top Coat. 


The Dotticure Look

Our last mani is super fun becasue you can use any complimenting Fall shades that you like! 🍂

Start off with painting your nails mismatched with Jeté + Rose Quartz. On the nails that are painted in Rose Quartz, use our smallest dotting too paint alternating colored dots down your nails. On our nails we used Jeté, Brick, Dreamer, and Chartreuse.

Seal your mani with our Gel Shine Top Coat and you're done!

Super easy, isn't it?

If you've been intimTdated by doing nail art yourself — now you can confidently try it out! These nail art designs can be done yourself right at home! Now you can add a bit more fun to your self-care sunday's this Fall. Try out these looks and feel free to make them your own.

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